eTHIcs applied: Applications in the Ethics of Technology

This summer school offers an intensive course on empirical approaches towards technology ethics. It will concentrate on questions about the moral codes society may want to follow in the interaction with machines and in programming them. Another focus will be on how technology may shape our own human moral evaluations and behavior.  
Students will be provided with reading materials beforehand and asked to deep dive into one of the topics in the field of interest. During the two weeks of summer school students will work in groups to identify a research gap that is of interest to them. They will develop their own empirical project to answer their research question, while receiving frequent feedback on their progress.
An accompanying lecture series will cover recent topics addressed by scientists in the area of technology ethics. Example topics that may be discussed are (1) the introduction of robots and recommender systems in human care and medicine, (2) why risk ethics is such an important topic in the realm of autonomous cars and (3) why random choices may be an ethical advantage of machines.
Key Takeaways:
In this Summer School you will…
…deepen your knowledge on topical empirical research concerning technology ethics.
…learn how to formulate your own empirical research question in the realms of technology and its development, programming or usage.
…develop a research design to answer your specific question and learn about research design in general through the evaluation of other concepts.
…profit from the different perspectives and values concerning technology ethics in an international student environment.
…learn through challenging your own and other’s ideas.



Prof. Dr. Marc Aubreville
Prof. Dr. Marc Aubreville
Bildverstehen und medizinische Anwendung der künstlichen Intelligenz
Prof. Dr. Matthias Uhl
Prof. Dr. Matthias Uhl
Gesellschaftliche Implikationen und ethische Aspekte der KI


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